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  • 20+ years experience
  • 40+ equity positions
  • Validated exits
  • Fastest growth CPG in US Retail History
  • 15+ sectors of Relationship Capital
  • $500mm+ Raised
  • Extensive IP Portfolio

The story

At the helm of our distinguished first-generation family office, Austin and Zach Hurst—widely acclaimed as the "Tech Twins" —oversee a dynamic investment portfolio that encompasses proprietary technologies and consumer products. Their entrepreneurial journey commenced in 1998 with the inception of an online venture on eBay, where they honed their skills in consumer sales and saw the future of the world wide web.

Their expertise expanded into the realms of graphic design, brand development, and web design, culminating in the establishment of DDg in 2002. This full-service advertising firm and consultancy has had the honor of collaborating with 31 Fortune 1000 clients and numerous internationally renowned agencies, delivering unparalleled brand strategies and marketing solutions.

The Tech Twins achieved a significant milestone with the creation and exponential growth of, a video-sharing platform that rivaled some of the largest in the industry. Within a mere four months, the site amassed 6.4 million daily active users, setting a record for rapid expansion. Pioneering in the field, introduced on-the-fly video conversion and was the first UGC site to facilitate direct video downloads to mobile devices. Their groundbreaking use of Beowulf clusters for video transcoding marked a transformative moment in cloud-based technology.

In 2013, Austin and Zach captured the media's attention with their audacious bid to acquire Hostess Brands, ultimately securing their position as the second-highest bidder. Their innovative spirit continued to thrive, as evidenced in 2019 when they were credited as inventors on a patent for a novel multimedia exchange system, enabling personalized interactions between celebrities and their fans.

The twins' adaptability and ingenuity were further demonstrated during the global pandemic when they conceived and scaled eOn, a national consumer brand that successfully distributed over 14 million travel-sized disinfectants to 26,000 retail locations across the nation.

Today, Austin and Zach stand as the visionary co-founders of 99Gens, a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes fashion design through Al-driven pattern generation and e-commerce automation. Their proprietary Python-based technology stack automates the production of cut-and-sew patterns, transforming a single image into an expanding array of over 45 unique SKUs in under a minute. This innovation propels designs seamlessly into a payment-ready e-commerce environment, completing the end-to-end workflow in less than three minutes.

Our firm is proud to be guided by the Tech Twins' foresight and relentless pursuit of innovation, as we continue to explore and invest in ventures that shape the future of technology and consumer engagement.

With a profound collective expertise spanning across 15 diverse sectors, the twins are resillient seasoned professionals who have successfully executed projects for over 200 esteemed companies. Renowned for their exceptional adaptability, they excel as rapid learners, seamlessly navigating both established and burgeoning industries. As serial entrepreneurs, they adeptly don every role with finesse, much like chameleons seamlessly adapting to the dynamic business environment. Executives at Global 50 companies call on Austin & Zach for advice when making key executive decisions and they sit on numerous corporate boards as well as special advisory counsels.

At Hurst, we embody the essence of strategic independence and collaborative expertise. As a boutique finance firm, our founders, Austin and Zach Hurst, employ a comprehensive approach to business development, ensuring meticulous oversight from inception to exit. Our founders' complementary skill sets enable us to provide a full spectrum of organizational services without reliance on external parties, ensuring seamless execution at every phase.

Our firm is distinguished by its ability to rapidly scale enterprises through strategic networking. The Hurst twins have cultivated an extensive global network of high-caliber professionals, which serves as a powerful catalyst for growth. This network's influence is palpable, extending our reach and enhancing our operational capabilities.

Renowned for their innovative strategies, Austin and Zach Hurst have been independently acknowledged for their pivotal role in accelerating the growth of some of the most groundbreaking ventures in history, ranging from digital services to consumer goods. Their acumen in structuring investments, coupled with their creative and unconventional thinking, has garnered widespread acclaim.

At the heart of our ethos, Austin & Zach Hurst champion the spirit of invention and engineering. We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who share our commitment to creating value and generating a positive, lasting impact. Our firm is not just a financial entity; it is a hub of visionary thinkers and builders poised to redefine the landscape of industry and commerce.

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